Yabalkovo is an open settlement in the Valley of Maritsa in the southern part of Bulgarian Thrace. Rescue excavations were conducted at the site by K. Leshtakov in 2000-2011 (Leshtakov et al. 2007). The EN strata of 1.5 m provided finds with comparisons in NW Anatolia and Turkish Thrace (Hoca Ceşme, Aşagı Pınar and Ilıpınar; such strong Anatolian influence is absent at more northern sites like Karanovo). Excavations revealed burnt houses, hearths, ovens, storage bins, grinding stones, and complete tool and vessel inventories in situ. Millet grains were identified among the charred plant remains from pit fills (Popova 2009). Small ruminants predominated in the faunal assemblage. The excavators uncovered graves of a child (5-10 years) and two adults.

Yabalkovo 2011. Oven from an Early Neolithic house (courtesy: K. Leshtakov)