Thrace is a region with a sub-Mediterranean ecosystem. Farming reached the northern part of Thrace by c. 6000 cal.BC. Early Neolithic sites display material culture related to western Anatolia and Greece. No mesolithic sites have been explored so far in this geographic region.

Yabalkovo, Early Neolithic site near Haskovo (courtesy K. Leshtakov)

The archaeological record from Thrace is well suited for studying the use and organization of space in food processing. Excavations at settlement mounds and flat sites have revealed numerous ground-level wattle-and-daub structures and well-preserved house interiors with implements and facilities in situ (round and rectangular storage clay bins with charred crops, domed ovens, hearths, saddle querns, pottery assemblages).The elaborate painted table wares at these sites suggest a specific “culinary syntax” in the presentation and consumption of food.