Divostin is an extensive flat settlement of the early Starčevo period covering about 15 ha. The site was excavated in 1967-1970 on a area of c. 2.400 m2 (McPherron and Srejović 1988). Fiedlwork uncovered semi-subterranean huts and surface-level houses, fireplaces, hearths, ovens, rubbish pits and refuse areas. The finds assemblage included a variety of ceramic vessels and numerous saddle querns. In spite of flotation, charred plant remains could not be recovered. The site provided a very large faunal assemblage with excellent bone preservation. Cattle and small ruminants were represented in similar proportions, pig bones were rare. Notable was the very high ratio of domestic to wild animals. One radiocarbon date of a sample from wood charcoal has values around 5800-5700 calBC.