Šumadija and the Danube Gorges

This highland region is situated in the northern, temperate part of the Balkan peninsula between the rivers Great Morava (east), Western Morava (south) and Danube (north) in modern Serbia. The valley of Great Morava represents a major communication route between the southern Balkans and the Danube. Thus, Sumadija occupies a crossroad position for the spread of farming.

The establishment of farming communities here necessitated adaptations to colder continental conditions and to a hilly (and partly  mountainous) region, for example changes in settlement (flat sites, short-term occupations, higher residential mobility), architecture (half-pit dwellings), inventory, and presumably also economy. The material culture possibly shows the input of local hunter-gatherers (Greenfield and Jongsma 2006), but Mesolithic sites were excavated only in the northernmost part of the region, on the Danube.