Oval-shaped ovens from Alsónyék (after Bánffy et al. 2010)

The Early Neolithic site at Alsónyék-Bátaszék is located in the Sarköz region, a transitional landscape situated on both sides of the Danube between the Great Hungarian Plain and Transdanubia. Alsónyék was the first large-scale excavation at a Starčevo settlement in Hungary and provided the so far largest Starčevo assemblage from this region. The site will serve as a comparison to the LBK sites in Transdanubia (ERC funded project “NEOMILK“), Körös sites in Alföld and the Starčevo sites in the Central Balkans.

The Early Neolithic site covered an area of c. 50ha. It was investigated in 2006-2009 under the direction of E. Bánffy over an area of c. 25 ha (Bánffy et al. 2010). The excavations revealed numerous well-preserved ovens, large storage vessels, beehive shaped storage pits, wells, piles of burnt daub, pottery vessels, and saddle querns.

Faunal studies were conducted by Éva Ágnes Nyerges. The faunal assemblage contained animal and fish bones as well as large amounts of shells (in prep.). Twenty human skeletons were uncovered in the excavation trenches. Analyses of stable isotopes and aDNA have been conducted at the University of Mainz (in prep.).