Maria Ivanova

PD Dr Maria Ivanova is lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology at the Institute of Prehistory and Near Eastern Archaeology of the University of Heidelberg. Her research has focused on  the prehistory of Eastern Europe, specifically  on  technological  change  and  the  transfer  of  technological innovations between Europe, the Near East and Central Asia. She has participated in a number of large international projects, most recently  the excavations of the Bronze Age sites at Troy (Turkey) and Vráble (Slovakia). Maria has particular interest in food processing and food-related artefacts and installations. She is collaborating with bioarchaeologists and excavators and supervising a PhD working on the FoodCultures project.


Research interests
Prehistory of Europe and the Mediterranean (Neolithic and Bronze Age), with particular interests in:
• Prehistoric technology
• Long-­distance interaction in Eurasia (Central Asia, the Near East, the Mediterranean, and Europe)
• Interdiciplinary collaboration between archaeology and the life sciences
• Palaeodiet and ancient food technology


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